What's a session like? 

My number one goal as your photographer is to hand you portraits that you love and that are going to make you smile. I have zero expectations of you and more importantly of the kids coming into a session, kids are totally unpredictable. The one thing you're not allowed to say is "I'm sorry" or get frustrated when things don't seem to be going perfect.  I have kids, I GET IT,  so I like to focus on lots of laughing, lots of silly jokes and some tickling . Sometimes, kids just don't want to get pictures done and that's okay -- when that happens, we go exploring for some sticks, we twirl in our super awesome dresses and sometimes we even bust out a dance party 9 times out 10 we still end up with something beautiful that you're going to love.

New babies -- they like to eat and cry and parents are usually running on minimal sleep. That's why I absolutely adore coming to your home for  lifestyle portraits. I love coming out and just hanging out while you love on this amazing little person that has been created! There's nothing more fleeting or special than the first few weeks at home with your new baby - no matter how chaotic it seems, it's such a special time to have documented. 

What Do I wear? 

After you book your session, I send out a guide that can help you in answering that. It's filled with inspiration and I'm always there to help with any questions you have along the way! 

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